Which Way is the Wind Blowing?

Which Way is the Wind Blowing? is a permanent public art feature wall at 901 E Kent Avenue North, Vancouver, BC.

Installed in June, 2023. Currently awaiting construction completion for power to activate the lighting.

Wind is a metaphor for change, and whatever it may bring. For Kent Avenue, I wanted to create a piece that reflects the current local conditions, specifically the wind.

Glossy white shapes are scattered across the white concrete wall, in a crisp relief of white-on-white. From these hard-edged, geometric shapes, multicoloured blocks of light radiate outward over the surface of the wall. The lights change and move according to the wind direction and speed. On the top of the wall is a black wind sensor, which can be seen spinning in the wind.

Neighbourhood regulars may come to know the changing patterns of light, as a waypoint along a busy route, and also as a reflection of the changing weather. Even if it is not clear to the casual observer what the lights are doing, I hope they will appreciate the bright colours, especially on a dark and rainy day.