Into Orbit

Into Orbit was my exhibition at PAVED Arts. It was scheduled to run March 20 – April 25, 2020. Due to COVID-19 it was not open to the public, but PAVED hosted a live virtual tour and artist talk on April 2.

A green shampoo bottle, an old drain plug, and a couple of deflated pink water balloons: these objects are familiar and banal, and might be found in the bottom of a junk drawer. Into Orbit reimagines them as bodies in a solar system, moving and twirling around one another. Sometimes they waver, and sometimes a stronger body gains the upper hand, pulling a smaller object into its orbit.

Into Orbit is a system of everyday objects, where inanimate things take on new lives. Motors and simple electronics activate them in a choreography that reveals hidden relationships: casual, intimate, aloof, hostile. Supported by simple wooden structures and held together with wire and strings, the objects live an active and noisy life in the gallery.