Between a Lamp, a Log and a Bucket

Between a Lamp, a Log and a Bucket is a solo exhibition in the Doris Crowston Gallery at the Sunshine Coast Arts Council, running Juy 2 until August 15, 2021.

This project includes collected materials and research from a residency on the Sunshine Coast in May 2021. It combines objects collected on the Coast with those found in Vancouver. I bring these disparate materials together to move within the gallery architecture.

The small gallery is reimagined as a kind of Orrery. Items collected from beaches, sidewalks, and beside the Sechelt dump are suspended and rotating around a celestial model with blackberry thorns and a converted lamp.

The larger gallery contains several floor sculptures, moving and static. A long rusty axle moves slowly and ponderously, towards a hole in a beach-worn log. A green bucket twirls. A dishrack slowly rotates around a piece of rusty steel.

Hanging sculptures with chain and knotted ropes encircle the perimeter:

In the entrance, a diptych with grids and vertical strings faces a bicycle fragment, poised on one wheel.

In this carefully constructed wall piece, materials found on beaches are used to curiously activate a beer package labelled “Beach”.